Garnet Earring EG3

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Simply stunning rough cut garnet drop earrings set in 92.5 % sterling silver.  Please note each stone is individual due to the fact that they are rough cut. These have been dipped into 18 carat gold to give a beautiful matt gold finish.

Garnet is considered a very powerful regeneration, detoxification, and energizing stone. This stone revitalizes, balances and purifies energy. It is believed that it inspires devotion, love, and sexuality. In a crisis, the garnet stone will help you overcome fear, grief, and anxiety boosting your confidence, giving courage and much-needed hope. 

Each earring is set by hand according to the shape of the stone, so please expect an irregular and unique design of each piece. 

Take care of your jewelry with love, do not submerge in water, or chemicals and keep in a pouch in a drawer when not in use. The gold colour will eventually fade a little over time.