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    Black Tourmaline Bracelet B2

    Classic black bracelet  a real statement piece. Made from exquisite rough cut black tourmaline. Set in 92.5 sterling silver. Each one of these is crafted by hand around the shape of the stone, so this is a one off bracelet. It can be adjusted to be larger or smaller on your wrist, if you are unsure if it will fit you please ask for further measurements. 

    Black Tourmaline is a very versatile gemstone. For one the black tourmaline is of all spectrums of the rainbow, that is why it is black.  Black tourmaline’s energy has the ability to block negative energy, and receive positive energy. 

    Take care of your jewellery from us, do not submerge in any water, keep in a dry, cool place in a bag when not worn to avoid oxidation. Do not let it come into contact with any chemical solutions, and not to be worn for heavy work or gardening, gym etc. 

    Weight: 27.2 grams 

    Length: 19.5 cm 

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