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  • Labradorite Earrings - GPD1

    Gorgeous silver labradorite earrings dipped into solid 18 kt gold to give it a beautiful gold plate finish. 

    Weight: 4.3g. Length: 3cm Width: 1.3cm

    Labradorite is symbolically linked to the glimmering gold and green lights of the Aurora Borealis. Hence the stones connection to the mystical realms and a protector from negative forces. It is also linked to the throat and third eye for it enables connection to higher realms and clear communication from those realms.

    Please do not submerge our jewellery in any water or chemical and keep safely in a small pouch in a drawer when not being worn. These are gold plated the colour will fade with time. Not to be worn for hot pursuits such as heavy work, workouts, or hot yoga.

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