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  • Tibetan Turquoise Ring R90

      1.  On our recent trip to Ladakh we sourced some incredible old Tibetan turquoise. We went specially to Jaipur to have each piece set individually, This was made by our master silver smith in Jaipur. Originally worn as a bead on a Tibetan power necklace, each stone has small holes where it was threaded.
      2. Width: 1.6cm Length: 1.6cm Weight: 5.2g
      1. Take care of your jewellery with love, do not submerge in water, or chemicals and keep in a pouch in a drawer when not in use. 
      1. Do not place your ring on the screen to measure your ring size. If you are not sure of your ring size please make sure you have your ring or finger correctly measured. You can use a tape measure to check the inner diameter of a ring that fits in mm to check the size. If you cannot get to our or another shop then the following ring sizing guide may help you:
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